Vector Art Cartoon Portrait 1-Click Photoshop Free Actions

 Vector Art Cartoon Portrait 1-Click Photoshop Free Actions

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vector art cartoon portrait

Convert image to cartoon:

Transform your pictures into amazing vector art with our Vector Photoshop Actions. It is not an easy job to create an impressive vector piece of art from your pictures and designs; this is a process that requires you to put in a lot of effort and time. However, with such an extensive range of Vector Photoshop Actions Free being made available to you by us on, you would be able to add awe-inspiring vector effects to your designs in addition to pictures, and that too in an extremely easy and exciting manner. That means you would now be able to convert your pictures into astounding vector artwork

Do you love cartoons?

Do you want to know how to make a cartoon picture in a few simple clicks? Photoshop actions make it possible to create the coolest photo effects without any prior software knowledge. We know how hard it is to feel confident designing your own cartoons, so that's why we've put together this list of the best cartoon photo effects and comic text actions that are easy to use. 

Just open your photo and run these actions to enjoy quirky and hilarious cartoon effects. Color them with high-quality presets and customize them with text and more! These effects are exclusively designed to enhance & upgrade your images to the next level.

Cartoon Painting Photoshop Action
Cartoon Effects Photoshop Action
Vector Art Photoshop Action
Color Halftone Photo Effects

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  1. One-click to apply an amazing effect on your photo.
  2. Clean actions, Clean work.
  3. Cartoon Painting, Cartoon Effects, Vector Art, Color Halftone style actions.
  4. Easy to use.
  5. Cartoon Effects and Vector Art Actions Works with oil paint plug-in.
  6. Editable Layers
  7. It Has been tested and works on Photoshop CC

BEFORE IMAGEvector art cartoon effect

vector art cartoon effect


  1. Open Photoshop Window menu select Actions, 
  2. left-click on the right corner of the Actions panel window and 
  3. select load actions
  4. Select action and click the Play button

Vector Art Cartoon Portrait

Vector Art Cartoon Portrait

Vector Art Cartoon Portrait

Vector Art Cartoon Portrait

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⏬👉 Vector ART Cartoon effects Photoshop Actions Get it
⏬ Cartoon Effect Image-1 Download
⏬ Cartoon Effect Image-2 Download


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